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ses1.jpgThe scope of the Speech & Audio Examination Department is the examinations made on a voice record, which was used in a crime and incorporated into an investigation process, recorded by the victim himself or the police force.
·     Speaker Identification


Speaker Identification consists of auditory and visual comparison of the voices of an unknown speaker and a known speaker in order to find whether the two speakers are the same person or not. The theory these examinations based on is that the voices can be seperated from each other with the help of its own characteristics and properties by applying scientific techniques and methods.
·     Audio Enhancement
Audio Enhancement, also known as “filtering” too, is the scientific analysis and clarification of a sound by filtering the undesired signals in order to make the record clearer and more intelligible.
·     Audio Authentication

 Audio Authentication consists of examining the record’s originality. Whether it was manipulated, edited or modified.

·     Speaker Profiling
Speaker Profiling is the analysis of a speaker in a record to gain as much as information about the speaker such as regional and socio-economic background, his dialect or bilinguality status, age, gender, pathological disorders, psychological mood while talking.
·     Signal Analysis
Signal Analysis is the analysis of signals except from human speech by identifying the signals, determining their range and estimation their origin (breaking glass, gunshot, engine etc.)
·     Forensic Text Analysis
Forensic Text Analysis is the comparison of two different texts in order to find their differences and similarities by considering some criterias of linguistics such as sentence types, vocabulary, punctuation, writing style etc. and estimating whether they are written by the same person or not.
Here are some information exchanges and trainings given by our experts and
·     Spanish Police Forensic Laboratory (EU “Twinning” project) – Information Exchange
·     Turkish Gendarmerie Forensic Laboratory – Information Exchange
·     Palestinian Police Force – Basic Speech & Audio Examinations Training
·     Kosovo Police Force – Basic Speech & Audio Examinations Training
·     Justice Academy of Turkey – Basic Speech & Audio Examinations Training
·     Crime Scene Investigation Department of Turkish National Police – Training for the collection of speech and audio examination findings from crime scene, protecting and sending them to the laboratory.
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