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Department of Criminal Laboratories
Bomb Disposal and Investigation Division 
             The Turkish National Police is responsible for the preservation of the public order and security within the municipal borders of provinces and districts. Render safe IEDs and investigation service that occurred in this region are under Bomb Disposal and Investigation Division’s responsibility.
 Turkish Bomb Dsiposal and Invesitigation Division was established in 1978. The Division is the headquarter for all bomb disposal units in Turkey. All of the bomb technicians are trained and assignment planned by this headquarter.

  The main task of the Division is neutralizing IED and EOD mechanisms. In addition to the basic tasks, the Division also makes appraisal process on IEDs and responsible for post blast investigation.
The main mission of these bomb technicians is render safe the IEDs. Bomb Technicians are dispatched to all reports of a bomb threat and are trained to carry out bomb sweeps of places where such a threat has been received.
Technicians are further trained to collect evidence in hazardous devices and present expert witness at the courts. They assist specialist police units, raid and entry teams with boobytrap detection and avoidance. Also they join in search and destroy the bomb making factory operations with specialist police units.
  Bomb search canines are routinely used by bomb squads in Turkey. Like all over the world when a dog is selected, it is matched up with a handler, and both then go through several months of training. After these training they both take a part in bomb squads.
      Turkish Bomb Data Center (TBDC) is a part of the Division. TBDC has a great archives that includes all the bombs events since 1978. After handling an IED it is very usual to make a contact with a bomb incident according to this archive. Also TBDC provides information to bomb technicians about new threats. 

There are four types course programme for the Turkish National Police at this Division.
        Basic Counter IED Course – 12 Weeks
        Advanced Counter IED Course – 2 Weeks
        Post Blast Investigation Course – 1 Weeks
        Explosive Breaching Course – 1 Weeks

 The division makes evolution and renovation on training courses ever year.
15 differnt countries were trained by Bomb Disposal and Investigation Division between 2005 and 2011. There are three types of training programme for cooperative countries. More than 250 participants has certified during those training programmes 
        Basic Counter IED Course – 6 Weeks
        Post Blast Investigation Course – 1 Weeks
        Explosive Breaching Course – 1 Weeks
These are the countries that training given by the Division  
            The Division is a part of two different EU Research Projects (Seventh Framework Programme FP7)
One of them is HYPERION - Hyperspectral imaging IED and explosives reconnaissance system. The goal of the HYPERION Project is to develop and test system concept for the forensic tools and procedures of tomorrow aiming at on – site technolohy using stand – off detection with selective and reliable forensic data timely transferred to the police. At a crime scene, due to the detonation of an IED or the possible presence of an unexploded IED the first measures taken are the initation of rescue actions. In paralel to the rescue actions the HYPERION system can be used. 

              The second one is SUBCOP - Suicide Bomber Counteraction and Prevention. SUBCOP sets out to develop technologies and procedures that can be applied by the Police Security Forces when responding to a suspected PBIED (Person Borne Improvised Explosive Device). It addresses the course of action to take when an alert to a possible PBIED has been issued, and an attack may be imminent. SuBCoP is insensitive to how the alert is raised, should it be based on detection of explosives or explosive devices, informants reporting, or other intelligence sources.

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